The Project

Final project meeting and final international conference APPOINTED FOR October 25-29
(25th Day of arrival; 29th- Day of departure).
PLEASE RESERVE in your agendas dates for MW-Sonet meeting. See you in Lithuania. Judita

3rd project partners meeting is planned 16-19 (20) March, 2011 in Antalya, Turkey. On 18th March project partners will have the possibility to participate in public conference for rural women.

Dear Partners,

We have discussed the existing preferences for e-learning course localization and we have chosen “Agritourism” as the course we are willing to transfer in Bulgaria.

We are ready to commence the transfer and are waiting for the course materials to translate.


Viktoria Nikolova

Skype meetings with Lithuanians (P7), Islandian (P6) and Danish (P3) planned for Monday, 29 of March.

The first monitoring period ends 1st April, so all the partners need to sent requested info to contractors and coordinators. Facing that, skype meetings with all the partners envisaged. We already discussed with Bulgarian partners on 19th March, 2010; now the same procedure with Hungarian colleagues is planned for 23rd March, 2010.

At the moment Institute of Agriculture Engineering is in the phase of reorganization. Institute becomes part of Lithuanian Agricultural University. The merging of universities and other educational institutions is a result of Higher education reform of Republic of Lithuania.

Because of that force majoires the process of partner agreements signing with some partners is prolonged.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Project managing team

We plan 2nd virtual meeting and according the kick- off Minutes it need to be at 18th December, 12 GMT. We plan to use FlashMeeting. The theme of this FlashMeeting is "Social networking".

I already made booking-

Please find below the necessary details for accessing the meeting.

A meeting booking has been made for 18-Dec-09 at 12:00 (GMT +0000) and lasting 59 minutes.

This meeting booking is for 20 people.

Kick- off meeting is scheduled 19-20 November, 2009 in Lithuania, hosted by Institute of Agriculture Engineering.

26th Oct., 2009 Centre for Leader programme and Agricultural Training Methodology at Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania hosted 1st Lithuanian partners meeting. Project activities were presented, local rural inhabitants needs for training and requalification, social networking were discussed. Project partners were invited to kick- off meeting.

1st virtual project partners meeting was hosted by on 12th October, 2009. All project partners presented themselves and their institutions, J. Kasperiuniene (BETI) made short introduction to the project, J. Leinenbach (ed-consult) presented main activities of "Building bridges".  Virtual meeting lasted 1 hour and at the end we had technical difficulties. 

We plan project virtual meetings every month.

Next meeting is intended for December 18, 2009.