In Hungary, there will be a seminar for the candidates to the Leonardo projects in Janury. HTA will be parted in that to spread the knowledge and have more information about changes and opportunities.

Dear Colleagues, Partners, dear all MW-Sonet community,

We are happy to share this years results and we are proud they were achieved together with you!
For the New Year we wish you big ideas, even bigger plans, belief in the success and new beginnings!

Hot Christmas wishes- Judita

Please refresh your minds;-) If you have any other photos- you could refresh the gallery or upload the new catalogues.

Dear project partners, please encourage your target group representatives to use social networking tools at

September 26-29, 2010 project partners meet in Szeged, Hungary. Works already done and new activities in project were discussed. Partners made reports about needs analysis, methodological preparations to e-learning, social networking tools. Videoconference with financial manager was organized.

  Project partners meeting in Szeged

Dear Partners,

I would like to suggest to the News: every partner should write something short news/interesting topic according to a method: LT+ Gr - in June, BG+IS - in July, HU - DM - in August etc. So, we use the MW-S web site:). Of course, more information you are able to write in other month, too:).
What do you think of it?
I am very coriously, what's the BB - Digital backpack:))

Have a nice sommertime:


On 28-29th May, in Budapest, there will be set our National Telecentre Conference. We are organizing this event. Our aims: present our telecentre movement, experiences, best practices. We would like to organize an exhibition of telecentre-relics of the past 15 years (memories, old PC, documents, articles, gifts etc). Further aims: presentation new ideas, model programmes for the participating telecentre managers, workers to the professional developing of their work.

HTA has written a tender (supported by EU and Grundtvig LLP – „Seniors in Action”) to the hungarian telecentres. Topic: Develop of the elder people’s digital competencies. There are some opportunities of the international contacts, best practices. Aim: promote of LLL (adult learning), cooperation activities, PC-knowledge, english language course. The winner telecentre is in Röszke. Partners of the project: Romania, Czech Republic, France, Lithuanian, Italy, Poland, Turkey. Our colleagues have showed the result and project progress of HTA in Antalya in April.

WP2 - methodological preparations to e-learning courses transfer. Activities started! All the partners informed about their roles in this WP.

In Hungary, there was closed the so called Net-President campaing competition. Nearly ten thousand people moved to the final game. On this page people could vote to the candidates and their staff (April, 2010). The very first Net-President of Hungary – David Horvath (born in 1987), his website: