Native Sheep Crafts - Workshop and exhibition

Lystbækgård in Denmark is host for a creative and innovative workshop and exhibition on native sheep crafts, gathering women and men from the Building Bridges, Oats, MW-Sonet and Sheepskills.  Artists from Iceland, Denmark and other European countries will work together with materials like wool, filt, skin, meet, horn and other natural materials. There will be different workshops and opportunities to exchange ideas and develop new skills. There will also be a workshop how to cooperate and learn online with the Moodle e-learning environment and use social networking.

The workshops will continue online and an exhibition with the products from this workshop will travel first to Iceland and then to other countries.

Date: March 26 - April 3, 2011, exhibition in Iceland: June 2011

For teachers, trainers, mentors from other European countries, there maybe a possibility to get a Leonardo da Vinci preparatory visit grant.

For further information and possibilities for funding contact: Berit or Jolande