Important! News about Bulgarian partner

Bulgarian partners announced, that there is a serious problem, which might influence the capacity of iCentres Association to perform its project obligations. Due to withdrawal of state funding, which has been the primary source for sustaining the iCentres network since its establishment, the Association has fallen into serious financial difficulty and has accumulated considerable debt. To this moment there has not been revealed a plan of survival of the organizations that is able to envelop all aspects of the situation and tackle the created debt.

Bulgarian partners recommend that we open a procedure to substitute iCentres Association as partner in the project consortium with Bulgarian organization, with an identical legal status (non-for-profit organization) and similar activity profile (bridging the existing digital divides through providing access to ICTs and digitalised education resources), which possesses the potential and the financial independence needed to implement successfully and timely the MW-sonet project activities. The name of this organization is Association "ICT Development Bulgaria".

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause.

We believe in the positive resolution of this issue and we are convinced in the successful contribution of Association "ICT Development Bulgaria" successful realization of the MW-Sonet project.

Project coordinators