Develop of the elder people’s digital competencies

HTA has written a tender (supported by EU and Grundtvig LLP – „Seniors in Action”) to the hungarian telecentres. Topic: Develop of the elder people’s digital competencies. There are some opportunities of the international contacts, best practices. Aim: promote of LLL (adult learning), cooperation activities, PC-knowledge, english language course. The winner telecentre is in Röszke. Partners of the project: Romania, Czech Republic, France, Lithuanian, Italy, Poland, Turkey. Our colleagues have showed the result and project progress of HTA in Antalya in April. In the Hungarian project, participating elder people, who are members, staff or volunteers of NGO’s. Indicators: 26 candidates, average age: 59 years, the oldest 71, the youngest 48 years old. They are interested in the Internet world but approximately 2/3 of the candidates have not yet taken part in any projects. Elder people are open to this programme. -- Krisztina