About the project

MW-Sonet – Mentoring rural women through social networking

Project number: LLP-LDV-TOI-2009-LT-0052
Duration of the project: 2009-2011
Sources of finance: EU Leonardo da Vinci programme and partners’ contributions

Aim of the project:
The main aim of MW-Sonet is to involve and stimulate women to become active participants of local community life, to become mentors for other rural woman and all the rural community. A specific aim is to help rural women empower themselves in order to gain more integration into the social infrastructure and be more active in influencing their social and economical environment. We plan to build a social network for international rural women-mentors to share ideas, knowledge and skills, and empower ourselves. MW-Sonet encourages the participants to share ideas in local, national and international communities. Women-mentors will be trained and a network of rural mentors will be established. Outcomes will have a positive impact of rural women for social improvement, self-education and life long learning, improving self-esteem awareness of their own special knowledge and of the needs to change.
Contact persons:
Stefa Lynikiene, Judita Kasperiuniene