5th eCulture Conference – Cultur of the Net Communities

5th eCulture Conference – Cultur of the Net Communities On 8th June, 211, was hold a conference in Budapest, Buda Vigado Theatre, directed by the Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art. What can we do as educational professionals, artist, civil society organizations in order to reach the visitors to make more successful programs, activities or services? What kind of options are, what you should pay attention to the ongoing community life affects at us? To the topic was spoken by some marketing specialists, computer professionals, a psychologist, a lawyer, the creator, the organizer of cultural, as well as a small town parish priest of Zala County. Main topic of eCulture Conference was the social media. Point of view of the issue was discussed from marketing, public relations, legal, psychological, creative and user area. The participants could learn about the Hungarian National Digital Archives program, listened to the community of media presentations. It was talked about the economic impact of local creative industry, learnt the material and spiritual heritage of Hungarians in Vojvodina.

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