WP7- Dissemination and valorisation

WP7- Dissemination and valorisation

Develop of the elder people’s digital competencies

HTA has written a tender (supported by EU and Grundtvig LLP – „Seniors in Action”) to the hungarian telecentres. Topic: Develop of the elder people’s digital competencies. There are some opportunities of the international contacts, best practices. Aim: promote of LLL (adult learning), cooperation activities, PC-knowledge, english language course. The winner telecentre is in Röszke. Partners of the project: Romania, Czech Republic, France, Lithuanian, Italy, Poland, Turkey. Our colleagues have showed the result and project progress of HTA in Antalya in April.

In 2010, HTA celebrates its 15th Birthday!

On 28-29th May, in Budapest, there will be set our National Telecentre Conference. We are organizing this event. Our aims: present our telecentre movement, experiences, best practices. We would like to organize an exhibition of telecentre-relics of the past 15 years (memories, old PC, documents, articles, gifts etc). Further aims: presentation new ideas, model programmes for the participating telecentre managers, workers to the professional developing of their work.

E-day in Alytus

28th Oct, 2009 in e-Days in Alytus J. Kasperiuniene (BETI) presented project and scheduled MW- Sonet activities for RIAPs operators from Alytus, Kaunas and Marijampole districts. RIAPs operators mostly are ladies, who live in remote regions (villages and countryside). As librarians they have close connections with local communities. 

e-Day in Plunge

1st October, 2009 MW- Sonet project was presented in Plunge district public library (Lithuania) at e-Days event for RIAPs managers. J. Kasperiuniene (BETI) made presentation "Social communication in computer networks - new opportunities for RIAPs operators"

Seminar for transfer of innovations project work group leaders

Oct. 15, 2009 Stefa Lynikiene (ZUII) and Vilma Karobliene (BETI) participated in seminar and initial financies and management trainings, organized by Lithuanian National Agency (NA). MW- Sonet was presented to the NA representatives.