WP6- MW- Sonet community

WP6- MW- Sonet community

Women Inventors Network

WOMENMENTORZ is a good network for women entrepreneurs. Maybe we can make a similar network for women in rural areas in Europe.

Womentor - new ideas for project to stay alive!

I found very interesting and inspiring information about European
Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women ( Womentor) at
http://www.womentor.eu/ . Please surf this link. Some institutions
from your countries are already members of this organization.

I have some ideas:
1. maybe we could join this organization? They work on the same issue
as we! We could invite them to our final international conference.
That do you think about this idea?

2. If you only plan your piloting sessions, you could ask them to join
your courses.

Merry Christmas

Dear Colleagues, Partners, dear all MW-Sonet community,

We are happy to share this years results and we are proud they were achieved together with you!
For the New Year we wish you big ideas, even bigger plans, belief in the success and new beginnings!

Hot Christmas wishes- Judita

Social networking tools

Dear project partners, please encourage your target group representatives to use social networking tools at www.mwsonet.eu/elgg

Non- official MW-Sonet start

Education Exchanges Support Foundation (Lithuania) announced Leonardo da Vinci programme "Transfer of Innovation" grant recipients list. One of the beneficiaries is Institute of Agriculture Engineering at Lithuanian Agricultural University. 

Lets start MW-Sonet - "Mentoring Rural Woman through Social Networking" project!