MW-Sonet Project Final Seminar

Dear Partners,

I am pleased to inform you, that 3 rural women and a new colleague of HTA/ComNet will be travelled to Kaunas from Hungary.

We would have supported our rural women with this trip to Lithuania to open the community and know different culture and other rural women from EU-countries. Our new colleague, Ms Carmen Malya speaks well English and Russian - so we hope, she will assist effectively our programme and meetings.

2nd project partners meeting

September 26-29, 2010 project partners meet in Szeged, Hungary. Works already done and new activities in project were discussed. Partners made reports about needs analysis, methodological preparations to e-learning, social networking tools. Videoconference with financial manager was organized.

  Project partners meeting in Szeged

Kick off meeting

Kick- off meeting is scheduled 19-20 November, 2009 in Lithuania, hosted by Institute of Agriculture Engineering.

1st LT partners meeting

26th Oct., 2009 Centre for Leader programme and Agricultural Training Methodology at Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania hosted 1st Lithuanian partners meeting. Project activities were presented, local rural inhabitants needs for training and requalification, social networking were discussed. Project partners were invited to kick- off meeting.