In 2010, HTA celebrates its 15th Birthday!

On 28-29th May, in Budapest, there will be set our National Telecentre Conference. We are organizing this event. Our aims: present our telecentre movement, experiences, best practices. We would like to organize an exhibition of telecentre-relics of the past 15 years (memories, old PC, documents, articles, gifts etc). Further aims: presentation new ideas, model programmes for the participating telecentre managers, workers to the professional developing of their work.

Activities started

WP2 - methodological preparations to e-learning courses transfer. Activities started! All the partners informed about their roles in this WP.

MW-Sonet list

MW- Sonet project partners group in Google is created.

Important! News about Bulgarian partner

Bulgarian partners announced, that there is a serious problem, which might influence the capacity of iCentres Association to perform its project obligations. Due to withdrawal of state funding, which has been the primary source for sustaining the iCentres network since its establishment, the Association has fallen into serious financial difficulty and has accumulated considerable debt. To this moment there has not been revealed a plan of survival of the organizations that is able to envelop all aspects of the situation and tackle the created debt.

1st monitoring period

1st monitoring period of MW-SONET project is finishing (eligibility period for project expenses was 01/10/2009 - 31/03/2010), after which you will have 2 weeks (until the 15th of April at the latest) to complete and send us financial report by mail and post.


Important! Information about contracting institution


At the moment Institute of Agriculture Engineering is in the phase of reorganization. Institute becomes part of Lithuanian Agricultural University. The merging of universities and other educational institutions is a result of Higher education reform of Republic of Lithuania.

Because of that force majoires the process of partner agreements signing with some partners is prolonged. Sorry for inconvenience.

Project managing team



Welcome to MW-Sonet project website.

This website is created for disseminating information about the project, publishing project related news as well as communication among project partners, target group representatives and stakeholders. Althought it is early version of project website it is created in highly interactive way so you can register for an account and to communicate in discussion forum or comment to any post published here. If you are project partner please do not forget to indicate your full Name, Surname, e-mail address in your profile, so we could assign appropriate rights to your account.

Non- official MW-Sonet start

Education Exchanges Support Foundation (Lithuania) announced Leonardo da Vinci programme "Transfer of Innovation" grant recipients list. One of the beneficiaries is Institute of Agriculture Engineering at Lithuanian Agricultural University. 

Lets start MW-Sonet - "Mentoring Rural Woman through Social Networking" project!