MW-Sonet Final Conference ALTA'2011

MW-Sonet team invites to ALTA'2011 conference, which is a final conference of the LdV project "MW-Sonet – Mentoring rural women through social networking" (Project number: LLP-LDV-TOI-2009-LT-0052) with a wide approach to e-learning technologies.

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75 th Hungarian National Agriculture and Food Exhibition

75th Jubilee Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

The National Agriculture and Food Exhibition (OMÉK), Hungary’s largest and oldest farming exhibition has a tradition of over 100 years.
The 75th OMÉK was opened for its visitors between 28 September–2 October in the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Centre.

Women Inventors Network

WOMENMENTORZ is a good network for women entrepreneurs. Maybe we can make a similar network for women in rural areas in Europe.

Farm Program in Hungary

New Agricultural Project:

From 1st September was started "Farm Program" for 50 Hungarian farm areas. Farmers and their families, privat small entrepreneurs are able to apply for this project from 206 villages.

20th International Agriculture and Food-Exhibition Expo in Hungary

In August, 2011 - was set the 20th Agricultural Farmers' Expo in Debrecen, Hungary.

There were more than 30thousand visitors, main young farmers at the largest food exhibition ,
wich is supperted by the needs of market.

4 days business-forum had more active processes than earlier.
300 exhibitors presented their products on 15thousand square meters.

Lithuanian University of Agriculture changed name!


It is my pleasure to inform what during the summer period Lithuanian University of Agriculture changed name to Aleksandras Stulginskis University. 

In Lithuanian new academic year starts at 1st September. Lets celebrate the beginning of new school-year! 

‘eHealth and Equity in the Global Health Communities’

Dear Partners,

there are some news about eHealth conference and workshop.

I have enclosed the letter and applying form.

Have a nice summer-time!

Best regards,

Womentor - new ideas for project to stay alive!

I found very interesting and inspiring information about European
Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women ( Womentor) at . Please surf this link. Some institutions
from your countries are already members of this organization.

I have some ideas:
1. maybe we could join this organization? They work on the same issue
as we! We could invite them to our final international conference.
That do you think about this idea?

2. If you only plan your piloting sessions, you could ask them to join
your courses.

MW-Sonet Project Final Seminar

Dear Partners,

I am pleased to inform you, that 3 rural women and a new colleague of HTA/ComNet will be travelled to Kaunas from Hungary.

We would have supported our rural women with this trip to Lithuania to open the community and know different culture and other rural women from EU-countries. Our new colleague, Ms Carmen Malya speaks well English and Russian - so we hope, she will assist effectively our programme and meetings.